Brian WillmanAll of our programmes are customised after intensive discussion and research with each client. Three important questions guide the programme design:

-      What are we trying to achieve?

-      What is the most effective way to achieve it?

-      How can we measure success?

While content and delivery is important, learning is essential and we incorporate techniques that maximise learning potential and result in sustained behaviour changes.

Great leadership has to be authentic and the key to this is knowing yourself and discovering who you really are. Our programmes start participants on a journey towards self-understanding, enabling them to become more realistic and:

  • Embrace their natural strengths and talents and accept their weaknesses
  • Understand better the impact they have on others and so form deeper relationships
  • Identify small behavioural changes that will impact on personal performance

The Leadership Workshop

Run as a one-day workshop for a team in a major publishing company, this gave participants a feel for what leadership means in their day-to-day context. The focus was on the importance of energising and inspiring each other and we made use of a feedback instrument that encouraged a better understanding of each person’s goals and motives.

Brian WillmanThe Team Workshop

This lasts two days and has been employed among both new and established teams who need to review their performance. As well as a short ‘Team 360’ feedback exercise completed in advance, the workshop uses practical tools and approaches to review and amend existing goals, structures and processes. Team meetings are covered, as are views on leadership and the reputation of the team in the business as a whole. Interpersonal dynamics are explored in some depth but, unlike many other programmes, this is only one of several components of team performance that are examined. The relative emphasis given to each of these components can be adjusted according to the specific requirements of the client.

The workshop is particularly suited to management teams and has been conducted successfully within several different national cultures.

The Advanced Leadership Programme (incorporating 360-degree feedback)

This is our flagship programme, running for 3-5 days, and has been used in many different businesses around the world. Participants divide their time between classroom and group sessions (usually 4 people), each led by an executive coach. There is close integration between the plenaries and the coached groups, and these sessions combine to create a powerful learning experience.

The coaching groups are the key to change as they develop participants’ emotional intelligence – not just talking about it, but doing it. In these sessions, participants:

  • Share and discuss their 360-degree feedback
  • Coach each other
  • Receive one-on-one coaching

As a result, they are able to:

  • Explore authenticity and identify areas of greater flexibility
  • Give and receive feedback, support and challenge each other
  • Build trust and understand the bigger picture

Usually participants then have virtual follow-up coaching sessions.

People Dynamics