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Brian Willman is an inspiring and motivational teacher, facilitator, coach and consultant. He specialises in developing the leadership skills of executives in ambitious businesses. His focus is on:–

-      Encouraging individuals to excel
-      Building high-performance leadership teams
-      Understanding and changing organisational culture
-      Cultivating professional skills and relationships

Brian Willman, through his company People Dynamics, has been offering high-quality development opportunities to executives since 1990. He has a wealth of experience and a wide range of contacts that he uses to enhance the services he delivers. This allows him to offer exceptional customised development programmes at a reasonable cost. He works throughout Europe, the US, Latin America, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

We live in turbulent times and management is insufficient to deal with the uncertainties of the world – great leadership is needed as well. Also, to attract, keep and engage the best people, clever compensation is not enough. It requires as well inspirational leadership.

People Dynamics develops the leadership skills of participants and encourages them to implement changes that will have a lasting impact on their organisation.

Brian’s background means he is perfectly placed to address the leadership needs of ambitious businesses. He has worked with London Business School since 1993 and at many other top business schools.

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